Noctambule Cinema is a production company based in Barcelona founded in 2011 by Xavier Rull and Maria Rocher. Our projects are connected by the search of excellence, from the impeccable technique to a screenplay adapted to the project needs, from a carefully prepared production to a large promotional campaign. Our business experience teaches us that it's essential to entirely focus on each of our projects to achieve the best result, so we do it.



Director and producer with a double degree in Editing & Sound and Film Directing from the CECC, the Center for Film Studies of Catalonia. He has participated in more than thirty short films and three feature films. He has also directed and produced his most ambitious short film: “Crack in the Darkness” from the production company Noctambule Cinema (which he is founder). He is currently on pre-production of his first feature film as a director and producer: “The House on the Frontier”, a horror film shot in the city of Tangier. He is also programmer of short films in the Tangier International Film Festival, the ÉCU the European Independent Film Festival and recently the Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival. He also writes film reviews for several spanish publications.



BA in Media Studies with a Screenplay specialization at the Ramon Llull's University and with an MA in Screenwriting at the Film and Television Writers Workshop of Barcelona. She worked at the press and communication department of Notro Films, Manga Films and Vértice Cine, being part of the communication campaigns of films like Brideshead Revisited, John Rambo, The Mist, Becoming Jane, Grace is Gone and Blindness, among others. Also she was an script analyst. At Noctambule Cinema she's screenwriter, project developer and producer.

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